Walking with the Sea Turning with the Sea - Millennium Coastal Park, Llanelli, 1999

115,000 cubic meters of pulverized fuel ash, earth and grass

200m x 300m x 20m high

The idea is like a wave travelling towards a waiting shore.

My idea grows according to the geography and feeling of that one site.

The sculpture is shaped by the influence of the existing land, as a wave is shaped by the sloping sea bed. Along with past experiences I bring with me, come new understandings of the place, district and people, as the work progresses. All this naturally filters through into the sculpture and I hope, back out again, in another light, to the people who see and use the place.

As I have been a surfer for most of my life, the forces and energy of the sea have had a strong influence on my sculpture. This earthwork is for me a coming together of the relationship between land, sea and people.

The sculpture is on the edge, turning into the promontory the Coastal path is elevated by the earthwork. It is there for people to experience physically; unfolding as they walk the paths,giving views over the park, the surrounding land and across the water to the Gower a place to feel openness, wind and light before turning down to the small sandy beach.